Post Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities for 3PL providers

Massive Growth Challenges and Opportunities for Third Party Logistics Post-Pandemic

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The pandemic led to a significant increase in e-commerce, which has created opportunities and challenges for third-party logistics (3PL) providers. The increasing demand for e-commerce is expected to drive the need for warehouse space, leading to new construction and strong preleasing for speculative projects. However, 3PLs must also adapt to meet the ever-increasing and demanding customer’s needs and maintain corporate fulfillment standards to prevent losing customers. To address these challenges and meet the future, 3PLs can leverage technology solutions such as AGVs, digital twin technology, and prescriptive analytics to run a tighter, more resilient operation, improve KPIs/customer satisfaction, and reduce costs in warehouse operations. By solving common problems in corporate warehouses, 3PL solution providers can demonstrate the efficiency and efficacy of working with them as a best business practice.